IB Program

IB Program


IC-FX supports efficient advertisement solutions for IB program. Free Banner Production – IC-FX provides a customizable banner design to meet the local demands. IC-FX also supports the Internet advertisement for the countries IBs reside. Advertisement costs can be supplemented after IC-FX’s review process. It is IC-FX’s policy to help IBs set the footholds in their respective markets.

Branch Office

IC-FX provides full support for our IB program. Once we see the growth opportunities in those markets we serve, we will set up new branch offices for the IBs. Branch manager positions are to be awarded to IBs with successful track records. The branch office will run autonomously with the full financial support from the IC-FX’s HQ.

White Label

IC-FX can set up a White Label portal for those IBs who show exceptional marketing networks. It enables the IBs to brand themselves as their own business identities within the scope provided by IC-FX’s FDM. IC-FX provides support for all areas including operation, marketing & customer centers, and business strategy

IC-FX Benefits

What is the personal IB website?

The Personal Web-Site is specially provided by IC-FX. This is the most powerful and efficient Tool to see the Sub-IB and Client’s status at a glance to be monitored in real time through Mobile and access to the Web-Site.

What is an IB Account?

This Program shows the real time commission to be generated from clients on MT4 accounts, to be monitored by Account Number. The account is provided to all IB’s of IC-FX, to be checked and monitored in real time.

What is a Manager Program?

The Manager Program enables an IB to see and check the real time transactions, trade history, balance of client’s account, deposits and withdrawals and the status of the accounts. This program is to be provided usually to White Label clients. IC-FX will provide this Program to an IB with 30 or more clients.