Trade precious metal pairs including Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium . Competitive and flexible terms suitable for investors and hedgers.
Diversify your portfolio with precious metals, react to global events or take your position in our popular energy and agricultural commodities. Gold is often seen as a safe haven in times of uncertainty or economic turmoil. Silver has many industrial uses and is seen as a measure of economic growth. Trade precious metals to take advantage of price movements or to diversify an existing portfolio.

Metals Trading

Trading spot metals allows investors to expand their portfolio by taking long or short positions on spot gold and silver. We ensure that your orders are executed at the most accurate and competitive prices. Spot gold is more valuable than spot silver, but they both share strong price movements.

Precious Metals Contract Specification

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Markets Sell Buy Change,%
GOLD SPOT 1401.15 1401.42 -0.54
GOLDEURO 1252.25 1252.55 -0.54
GOLDgr 41.575 41.583 0.05
GOLDoz 1293.11 1293.43 0.05
PLATINUM 901.65 903.15 0.84
SILVER SPOT 15.575 15.599 0.63
SILVEREURO 13.289 13.327 -0.21