Special Promotion

  • 1. General terms
  • 1. Give More Get More is held from 2016-09-01 till 2016-12-10
  • 1.2. The participation in the Campaign is active from 2016-09-01 till 2016-12-10
  • 1.3. All the Campaign prizes will be delivered to the winners from 2016-12-25 till 2017-01-15.
  • 1.4. The official page of the Campaign is (“Campaign Page”).
  • 1.5. Only people at the age of 18 or older can participate in the Campaign.
  • 1.6. By participating in the Campaign, the participant confirms agreement to the terms and conditions of the Campaign.
  • 1.7. The participant must provide one or more email with screenshot of published public feedback, if the public feedback removed candidate is not qualified for the prize.
  • 1.8 The participant must provide his correct email address and trading account number via email
  • 1.9. Participant should be or have been a live client for at least 20 days.
Risk Warning:
Trading in the Forex and CFD markets entails significant risk. Participation in the Forex and CFD markets should not be undertaken unless the Participant is fully aware of and understands the risks involved in trading. Participation in this Campaign should not be a motivating factor when considering participation in the Forex and CFD markets.